Petroleum exploration involves a high risk investment, where decisions are made under significant uncertainty. One way of reducing exploration risk is to examine different aspects of the dynamics of sedimentary basins to determine how past conditions have affected potential petroleum system.

The Tectonor team, all PhD, consists of highly experienced geologists/geophysicists with particular expertise in solving problems related to complex processes that take place in a sedimentary basin. We use both commercial and specialized in-house software in our services, which among others include basin analysis with structural reconstruction, reconstruction of 3D surfaces including tilting due to glaciations and glacial isostasy, and assessment of the likelihood for fault leakage.

Our services can assist in reducing the risk in exploration of sedimentary basins affected by tectonic processes, such as glaciations, magmatic intrusions, salt diapirism, and more.

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With our in-house 2D basin modelling system BMT we model the tectonic development of sedimentary basins; their geohistory, temperature history and hydrocarbon maturity.

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Glaciation effects have recently gained significant interest due to the impact on hydrocarbon migration. We model the isostatic response of ice load and erosion, and the resulting tilt of possible reservoirs.

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Geological processes, such as glaciations, intrusions, and salt diapirism, induce stress changes in the crust. Tectonor models the stress effects of various processes on the permeability of fractures and faults.

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Our expertise includes modelling and prediction of the dynamic development of salt bodies and their surroundings, the temperature effects, and salt-related stress effects on fractures and faults.