SeaMod Project

Past, present and future sea level changes in Norway

-and the effect on offshore infrastructure


A study by Tectonor, Cornell University, University of Bergen, Statens Kartverk, Instanes Polar, VSEGEI, Memorial University and National Oceanography Centre

Understanding the sea level response to global warming is required for mitigating and adapting to future climate change. This is an important issue for the land-based industry, but also for the petroleum industry, because fixed installations offshore and shore-based facilities on land are still being built and planned. The sea level issue is not least relevant for the areas high north (‘Nordområdene’), where it is important to have a well funded baseline for new developments in relation to the effect of global warming. Strategies to address the sea level change include not only enhanced observations, but also better models which take into account all important processes and which are validated against past and present day rate of change. The main objective of the project is to develop scenarios for future sea level changes offshore Norway that will be used as a tool to assess the impact on offshore and coastal infrastructures.

The project is funded by